Bridge work a fiasco |

Bridge work a fiasco

Well it’s finally here. Aspen’s version of the Glenwood Springs Bridge Project. I agree with Pam Alexander’s question in her letter: “Why is it the priority of the city of Aspen to change the infrastructure of the Castle Creek Bridge”? This City Council should be ashamed, wasting over $4 million of taxpayers money on this unneeded project. The mayor and City Council are “excited” to get the project started. Of course they are, it’s not their money being spent, and they don’t have to use the bridge on a daily basis like the commuting public does. We are being told that this entrance to Aspen is dangerous and unsafe. I would bet that there are far more accidents on Main Street than this bridge. Why not install signs at the end of the bridge, directing cyclists and pedestrians to use the Hopkins Avenue Bridge to get into town? Council should stop this project immediately and apologize to the public for making a mistake like they did when they tried to take parking spaces away with the Hopkins Avenue parking project.

Bill Ortmann


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