Breaking down the council’s breakdowns |

Breaking down the council’s breakdowns

The Aug. 1 issue of The Aspen Times reported on City Council’s retreat, where council discussed why it’s out of touch with the community. For those lacking time to read the full reports, here are the council members’ principal observations:

1. Council has had more accomplishments than disappointments (who knew?).

2. Disappointments result from failed communication, not bad ideas.

3. The problem is that Council “doesn’t bring the community with us,” not that the community just doesn’t want to go there.

4. Elected officials are free to do illegal stuff without challenge from citizens because officials were elected.

5. The citizens are mere “teenagers” to the “adult” city council members.

6. If you won’t get out of your cars and onto our bikes, you should leave town.

7. Council members enjoy telling each other how great they are.

Maurice Emmer


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