Bill Infante and Ryan Slack for Basalt Town Council |

Bill Infante and Ryan Slack for Basalt Town Council

If you live in Basalt, ballots for the next council election are in your mailbox. The reason I ran for council is that I was concerned that the same people kept running for office. I wanted new faces and new ideas, but equally important, I wanted to see more participation in government. In that spirit, two new candidates are worth considering: Bill Infante and Ryan Slack. Bill is tremendously qualified, having spent his life enabling sustainable development, democracy and civic institutions internationally. Ryan, a businessman and skier with 30kW of solar on his roof who currently serves on the Park and Zoning Commission, would be the by far the youngest member of Town Council, and the only one with very young children; he’d represent a whole generation, and is exactly what Basalt politics needs. I see eye to eye on most planning issues with Bill and Ryan, sharing a vision of environmental leadership, density in the core and limiting sprawl, and a Basalt that can be one of the most unique river communities in the West.

Auden Schendler


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