Beaton just seeks to inflame |

Beaton just seeks to inflame

I enjoy reading The Aspen Times, and that certainly includes the different columnists featured — with one glaring exception:

The column written by Glenn Beaton is often uninformed, or misinformed, or ill-informed, and at times all three. The column is usually poorly researched, such as the one on the subject of employee housing, in which Mr. Beaton talks about “freebies” and “scams,” when he simply does not know anything substantive about the subject he attempts to cover.

People are labeled “Libs” and such, which adds nothing to the dialogue except to inflame, which seems to be Mr. Beaton’s real objective. This week I noticed a lot of 50 cent words such as “sanctimony, priggishness and stultifying,” which did not seem intended to communicate facts.

Other assertions are ridiculous, such as, “Libs assume that, like them, everyone in this town wants to hate, fake and take, not earn and learn.”

I know many Aspen conservatives and liberals, and I have not experienced the “hate,” which exists more in Mr. Beaton’s columns than in the reality of Aspen and its citizens.

Bob Morris


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