Beaton can’t get over the Trump |

Beaton can’t get over the Trump

Glenn Beaton appears to be on the right track with his criticisms of ways Aspen’s elected officials waste taxpayer dollars; but, as normal, he ends up in the weeds.

I would take Glenn seriously on this topic, but isn’t Mr. Beaton the genius who voted for the embarrassment/crook in the Oval Office that gold-plated his entire apartment — with money stolen from unpaid workers and appropriated through sliming the system by not paying taxes? Why not take your backyard critique to a higher level? Where is the outcry against the hoard of leeches in Donald Trump’s family and administration who utilize taxpayer dollars like a credit card with no limits?

Is Beaton oblivious to Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, Scott Pruitt and Betsy Devos mis-utilizing jet travel at taxpayers’ expense? Wake up, Mr. Beaton, smell the coffee, drink some and then write your next column.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs

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