Be careful on the cycle |

Be careful on the cycle

Dear mid-20s female cyclist at Hooks Spur and the Rio Grande Trail on Thursday about 12:30 with dark shorts, lime green top, white (I think) helmet:

You blasted across the intersection full throttle when I had no stop sign and you had one. Did you hear the brakes on my 5,500-pound Yukon XL squeal even at the 20 mph I was going southbound there?

I guess you and bike together weigh 120 lbs against the 5,500 of my SUV. Picture that rolling over you and next time stop, as legally required.

I am very glad I was able to avoid you. Living here (I am guessing you don’t), I get lots of practice avoiding wildlife, which helped.

I cycle plenty, so you know, and always pay attention to that sign and all others.

I had just finished a nice morning hike and you totally blew my endorphin buzz.

Pete Grannis


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