Basalt’s back-and-forth debate |

Basalt’s back-and-forth debate

Paul Noto, in a letter to the editor (“Fait accompli in Basalt,” The Aspen Times) on Oct. 7 says: “So the property will be downzoned in an elaborate attempt at taxpayer expense, to elbow out a development proposal that has not even been made.”

I, Mark Kwiecienski, have been told repeatedly by the Basalt planning department that the zoning for the parcel has not changed and it is still zoned for a mobile home park. That means that any zoning for development that council enacts would be an “up zoning” of sorts rather than a downzoning.

Steve Chase in his letter to the editor of Oct. 5 (“Moving Basalt out of its rut,” The Aspen Times) omits the part about the proposed Developer Lowe “Enterprises wanting to have taxpayers fund a parking garage for the proposal. He does not mention either that the proposal asked for more square footage than the Elements Hotel in Willits has.

Mark Kwiecienski


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