Basalt Town Council shuns its constituency |

Basalt Town Council shuns its constituency

The town of Basalt has apparently appointed a committee to look into using debt to purchase the portion of the Pan and Fork property not already owned by the town. Three of the four members of this committee are council members who have a clear record of wanting the town to make this parcel nearly all park, meaning the makeup of the committee does not represent the views of town residents generally.

Regardless, going down the road of a possible town purchase using debt at all shows a lack of leadership from council. We had a vote last fall on this very issue. The voters said “no” to a town purchase using debt.

Apparently the town believes this vote doesn’t count or doesn’t apply. Town Council has a duty to the citizens to explain why so that we can evaluate your reasoning, which at face value appears to defy logic and democratic principles, and smacks of skulduggery.

A fundamental tenet of leadership is listening to your constituency. Your constituency has spoken but you aren’t listening, and therefore you aren’t leading. If elections don’t matter, then neither does our democracy.

Paul Noto


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