Basalt needs Infante for Town Council |

Basalt needs Infante for Town Council

Along with a cadre of Basalt citizens, I have been waiting for a council candidate with fresh zeal, experience, and a balanced perspective who can stimulate council momentum beyond the Pan & Fork paralysis that has seemed to obscure the spectrum of civic opportunity.

In Bill Infante, I have found such a candidate – a highly principled guy with the resolve, experience, and vision to guide the future of our special town.

I have heard Bill opine in candidate debates, and his personalized campaign brought him to our home for an upbeat exchange. What I found was that Bill not only had a broad range of formidable tools from his executive experience, but a contagious passion to deliver a better Basalt.

By my measure, his highly tuned approach is based on a path of common sense. He leads from a confident command of issues then pulls together a principal-based vision to collaboratively explore, test, and refine. By consensus, he will lead to implementation – remember that word!

Aside from a devotion to serve his town and help shape its future, Bill brings a successful career of international town planning, environmental and economic development.

Added up as a candidate, he has one-of-a-kind qualifications – our kind! A vote for Bill Infante is a vote for a better Basalt!

Larry Yaw


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