Basalt needs a homeless shelter |

Basalt needs a homeless shelter

Basalt needs a homeless shelter

We are seventh-graders from Basalt Middle School, and we think there is a problem in our community. There are many homeless people in Basalt, and only homeless shelters in Glenwood Springs and Aspen. We think that we should have a homeless shelter in Basalt. We think that having a homeless shelter in Basalt is important because homeless people have to travel far to Glenwood or Aspen if they are homeless in Basalt and need shelter. It would really change and impact our community to have a homeless shelter. People won’t have to travel and take the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses. The homeless shelter could be located at a church or in the school at night, or we could build one.

Gage Reuss, Rishard Medrano, Cristina Martinez and Sekar Wikan

Seventh-graders, from Basalt Middle School

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