Aspen’s future is strong with Mesirow |

Aspen’s future is strong with Mesirow

Most older siblings make all of the mistakes first, teach you what your parents don’t want you to know and set an example of things you shouldn’t do at their age. However, I had the unique experience of having a big brother who taught me how to be hardworking, to care for others and to stand up for myself, among so many other lessons by being someone I could look up to and aspire to be more like. Now that same person, Skippy Mesirow, wants to lead Aspen to a better future, as he did with me.

When I started college, Skippy made a point to see me every month despite being incredibly busy and eight hours away. Despite the distance, he never failed to show up even if I just needed my big brother for a couple hours. Though he is the hardest working person I know, he has never failed to put his family first and to be there for the people who need him.

Skippy has been my rock and my inspiration for 21 years and I am confident that he could be the same for Aspen if elected to City Council. He has never been afraid to stand up for what he cares about, and there are few things he is more passionate about than Aspen. I believe in Skippy for City Council not just because he is my amazing big brother, but because he has real, important ideas that he will go to any length to accomplish so Aspen will be a better place for this generation and future ones.

Linzy Upton-Spatz

Snowmass Village

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