Aspen would be well served by Mesirow |

Aspen would be well served by Mesirow

I have served on the Planning and Zoning Commission with Skippy Mesirow for the past two years and think he brings a very thorough, thoughtful and even-handed approach to his civic service.

Skippy arrives at every meeting fully prepared and gives focused consideration to both city planning staff and applicants. He asks difficult and confrontational questions when appropriate, and probes all parties to demonstrate why their positions are best for the city’s future. His votes reflect a deep respect for the municipal code and the Aspen Area Community Plan as well as for the deliberative and collaborative processes and values that created those guiding documents.

I best know Skippy through our shared service on Planning and Zoning Commission, and while I know he has other civic and social efforts underway, I have never felt that his other endeavors clouded his consideration of the work of the commission. I believe that Skippy cares very deeply for Aspen’s future as well as its history. It is this sincere concern that motivates Skippy’s candidacy for City Council and we’d be well served to elect him.

Kelly McNicholas


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