Aspen Times columnist should try coal mining |

Aspen Times columnist should try coal mining

In response to Sean Beckwith’s “When the tourists wear out their welcome,” it seems like every year a column appears bemoaning the influx of those pesky tourists who are, in one way or another, responsible for the very reason 98 percent of us even get to live here (commentary, Jan. 3, The Aspen Times).

This year’s masterpiece of rehashed dribble by Mr. Beckwith was particularly vitriolic. Last time I checked, Sean, one still has the freedom to pick and choose where to live. If the guests who visit our lovely valley appear to you as “sick, self absorbed pet peeves in human flesh,” a location change might be in order.

Why not consider a less touristy place like Somerset, for instance? They probably don’t need a columnist or a copy writer, but there’s a nice coal mine there that I’m sure you’d enjoy working in.

Scott Tesoro


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