Aspen teachers stand up for Huff |

Aspen teachers stand up for Huff

Dear Aspen Community,

As educators at Aspen High School, we had the distinct privilege of working with Paul Hufnagle, fondly known as “Huff.”

Huff is an amazing school resource officer and a beloved colleague and friend. The powerful connections he makes with students inspire confidence — they trust Huff, ask him for help, and confide in him freely. He makes AHS feel safer and more human and he always has the best interests of the students and staff in mind.

Huff deeply cares about the personal safety of all in our community. As staff at AHS, we felt that care daily in the way he looked out for us, always with a ready smile, and sincere interest in our well-being. He made sure we had snow tires, a place to sit at the teacher table, and a ride home from Jazz Aspen. His Street Law course empowered students to take risks and have a chance to become class leaders, which wasn’t always the case in their other classes.

The loss of Officer Hufnagle from the Aspen School District is deeply upsetting and unfortunate. Media coverage can be confusing, and we want to be sure the community knows what an incredible person Huff is inside and out, and what an important purpose he served at Aspen High School.

Liz Bollinger, Emily Farrell, Morgan Henschke, and Kelly Hoffman

Former Aspen High School staff

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