Aspen residents silenced by authority |

Aspen residents silenced by authority

Recently I wrote a letter about our sheriff and county commissioners’ virtue signaling (“Anarchy in Pitkin County?,” May 28, The Aspen Times). It commented on violations of their oaths of office and their flipping the proverbial bird at voters and taxpayers by refusing to assist (where legal) in enforcing immigration laws. It pointed out that these “leaders” promote selective law enforcement, not so subtly endorsing anarchy.

A few brave voters called or emailed me their agreement with my letter. A typical comment was, “You wrote the letter I’d like to write, but I have business to protect and this is such a liberal town.”

In addition to their pride in refusing to enforce the law, our elected officials must be proud of muzzling open discourse and free expression. Another progressive victory.


Maurice Emmer


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