Aspen prefers liquor over marijuana |

Aspen prefers liquor over marijuana

An article in the Dec. 15 Aspen Times noted that sales in marijuana stores outpaced the sales of liquor stores in Aspen (“Marijuana sales in Aspen show recent decline”).

I would remind all to remember that while marijuana can only be sold in specific places. Liquor not only is sold in retail stores but can be purchased in most bars and restaurants (for on-site consumption).

I seem to remember (from recent past articles) that sales in these places was more than 10 times the dollar volume of that in pot shops. Liquor is a big profit center in these places, and in fact may approach 40 to 50 percent (maybe more) of the total sales.

Therefore, liquor sales in Aspen far outpace those of pot. My problem with this continued reporting of sales of pot in this manner is that it blows way out of proportion the effect of pot. Booze is still the drug of choice in Aspen and it is not even close.

Bill Barnhart


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