Aspen needs a new bridge |

Aspen needs a new bridge

We still need a new bridge that bypasses both the Marolt Open Space and those silly S-Curves.

The new edifice would span between a new roundabout at Cemetery Lane to the end of Main Street at the Castle Creek ditch (it is a big irrigation ditch, no water makes it to the sea). Make it curve through the air like the bridge sections do in Glenwood Canyon. Main Street is six lanes wide, so it should be at least that wide, too.

The current bridge should remain in operation for long after the bypass is built. That way Aspen could have two bridges upon which a fire truck may pass. Existing access to the West End would keep much of that traffic off Main Street.

That sidewalk over the current bridge is gnarly, people fall off it into traffic. Plus a growing number of locals and voters live west of the roundabout, often in one of the worker-housing ghettos (look up the definition). They need a better way in. Tourists, dizzy from the climb out of the Rio via Cemetery tend to take the first bridge they see back into town. So do I. Marolt Bridge is good if you are coming from Marolt and the many other worker-housing ghettos by the hospital.

TR Schwerin


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