Aspen liberals need to give Trump a chance |

Aspen liberals need to give Trump a chance

John Colson’s editorial in the July 4th Aspen Times demonstrates how all editorial writers in the Aspen papers strain honesty and critical thinking to promote Liberal/Progressive propaganda. Conservative writers never given any space.

Mr. Colson states “the basic bedrock principle on which our Republic is founded — the right to elect our government.” Then he proceeds to call our duly elected President a loser — referring to “his winning on a technicality: i.e., via the Electoral College rather than the popular vote. The Electoral College system has served us well and is a very far thinking and right decision by our forefathers.

Like all liberals/progressives who think all efforts should be undertaken to destroy/undermine Trump’s presidency they forget that liberals/progressives gave us Trump. I am a lifelong Republican and I was shocked that Trump was nominated. Yet less so that he won when the best the left could offer was Hillary. It’s a sad day when we were left with those two choices, but that demonstrates how bad Washington has become. Hence, we saw a vote condemning Washington and the sleazy political insiders that Hillary represented.

At least Trump offers to change the business as usual in Washington, and we should all give him a chance. Liberals need to back off their “My way or the highway attitude” and give the duly elected President a chance.

Alvin Winn


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