Aspen lacking in street smarts |

Aspen lacking in street smarts

Why is the city of Aspen doing curb and gutter work requiring the closing of a lane of traffic on Main Street in July? Main Street/Highway 82, from the roundabout to Original Curve, is in the worst condition of any highway I have seen in Colorado in a few decades, but high traffic season is not the time to be making long overdue repairs.

We have waited many years for a quality resurfacing of Main Street, and we can wait a bit longer, until after Labor Day, rather than further congest summer traffic. Main Street needs far more than a Band-Aid asphalt resurfacing — the collapsing road base needs to be reconstructed and concrete should be used at least from the Castle Creek bridge through the S-curves to Main Street.

But then again, perhaps the terrible entrance to Aspen/Main Street road surface and midsummer lane closure is part of the Aspen auto disincentive program.

Mike Maple


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