Aspen doesn’t need any more consultants |

Aspen doesn’t need any more consultants

Aspen doesn’t need any more consultants

We keep hiring consultants to help us with our problems. This hasn’t worked. Ever.

The conclusion from every consultant who comes here is “Of course these solutions all work better with more density.”

Well, yeah, but density isn’t what we want. We had a consultant in the ‘70s who was supposed to solve our affordable-housing problem (yes, even then) and the conclusion was “build up.” This prompted some sharpers to start investigating airspace rights over the Guido’s building and the Red Onion. The result was a moratorium on buildings higher than the Wheeler.

Why didn’t we start building skyscrapers as we’d been told to do? More to the point, why didn’t we include an unobstructed view of Aspen Mountain in the scope of work for our consultant?

The question determines the answer and we’re asking the wrong question. The question isn’t “what’s wrong?”, the question is “what’s right?”

I don’t want a solution to parking or traffic or housing. Sure, those are all factors but none of those is the goal. How many other towns have bears crossing Main Street and Renée Fleming giving master classes? Seriously, I’ve seen bears just sit and listen to music school students practicing. Keep that mojo happening. Make that the goal.

Don’t ask the next consultant to solve our problems. Ask the next consultant to help us keep our blessings.

Ziska Childs


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