Aspen City Council more than just historic preservation |

Aspen City Council more than just historic preservation

I must dissent from Neil Siegel’s endorsement of Ann Mullins for another term on City Council (“Mullins has earned another term on Aspen City Council,” Commentary, March 16, The Aspen Times).

Yes, Ann is a nice person, mild mannered, not disruptive, and concerned about historic preservation. We badly need more than those traits on City Council.

Some of the things we need from City Council are: vigilant oversight of the ballooning city budget; commitment to protecting our local environment from threats like the proposed dams on Castle and Maroon creeks; aggressive planning to deal with the crowding and traffic in high seasons; scrutiny of the affordable-housing program to ensure the millions of dollars are invested and managed efficiently; demanding accountability from our city manager, who leads the present City Council around by the nose. In four years Ann has not demonstrated interest in any of these areas.

City Council should be about a lot more than historic preservation. We can do better.

Maurice Emmer


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