Aspen can count on Torre |

Aspen can count on Torre

Torre may be the most dedicated public official in Aspen’s modern political history. He is always ready and willing to serve.

He is not aligned with any local political or philosophical group. He is his own man.

He is beholden to no one, only the people.

He has been a candidate in more local elections, maybe than even Sheriff Braudis.

He is enthusiastic, thoughtful, outspoken, resilient and articulate.

He truly is a poster man for the Aspen Idea: is an athlete, has intellectual curiosity, is a social animal and is a protector of Aspen’s indomitable spirit.

I am supporting Torre also because he is a known quantity. We can rely on him. He is brave. He will stand up and be counted, and will always take the long-term view on decisions of what is best for Aspen.

Bill Stirling


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