Aspen airport inconvenient by design |

Aspen airport inconvenient by design

Leonard Koppett, a New York Times reporter is to have said, “Whatever creates the most inconvenience for the most people must happen.” With that in mind, I am writing to remind all government entities involved with the restructuring and design of Aspen-Pitkin County Airport to make sure they follow Koppett’s law.

They must make sure the passenger drop-off and arrival pick-up areas are as far away as possible from the terminal; that parking lots likewise are moved farther away; and of course that all parking fees are increased; and free time allowed in the lots is cut to an absolute minimum — 10 minutes comes to mind. I congratulate the fine job everybody has done so far and it’s not going to take much more to adhere totally to Koppett. Sort of makes you wonder why O’Hare, LaGuardia, LAX, Washington Reagan, and Denver International Airport all have ignored Koppett and are infinitely more convenient than the Aspen airport.

Tom Korologos


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