Are Pitkin County commissioners listening? |

Are Pitkin County commissioners listening?

Thank you, Wilderness Workshop, for all that you do for wilderness protection, including air and water qualities.

If Pitkin County commissioners cannot understand opposition to and questions regarding Crystal River Trail alignments proposed by Open Space ad Trails, it is my suggestion they please do some serious soul searching.

Also, it is my understanding the Crystal River Valley is in Pitkin County District 5. Commissioner George Newman has not attended a caucus meeting since early last summer. Where is our representation? If he would have attended the most recent meeting a couple weeks ago, he would have witnessed at minimum 95 percent voting residents in attendance (largest number of attendees in years) opposed to current trail proposal on all discussions.

The trail is serious business.

The fracturing of the Crystal Valley residents is unprecedented and we need to be heard loud and clear.

Nancy Chromy


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