Another option for the Pan and Fork parcel |

Another option for the Pan and Fork parcel

Basalt Town Council is holding a public hearing Tuesday. The discussion includes a sketch plan application to build 28 residential units and three commercial buildings on the former Pan and Fork property.

This is land is currently owned by the Community Development Corp., a nonprofit group of investors.

The developer, Basalt River Park LLC, is asking to rezone this parcel. It wants to amend the current community-serving commercial zone district to allow this subdivision.

The Basalt Our Town survey showed that only 7 percent of the public was in favor of residents living on this parcel.

This development would be more appropriate on the former Clark’s Market/Restore property.

I encourage Town Council to preserve the Pan and Fork property for a public-serving town park. Then all citizens would have the right to use and enjoy this property instead it being privatized.

Patrice K. Becker


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