Ann Mullins for Aspen |

Ann Mullins for Aspen

Ann Mullins brings so much to Aspen in her approach and technique as a council person.

Notice she isn’t flamboyant, braggadocious or self-centered. Rather, she brings sage experience, a thoughtful and studied view to all issues, and most importantly, she possesses a keen and empathetic ear for the well-being of all in our community.

No catchy plays on words, just an honest application of her head and heart for the best of Aspen. Said another way, her tireless commitment and inclusive leadership style is exactly what Aspen needs for the next four years.

She knows the definition of service includes the concept of sacrifice. Lucky for us, she is ready to do it for another four years.

Make sure you include her on your council ballot. Above all, please make sure you vote.

Dwayne Romero


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