And the carnage continues |

And the carnage continues

10:25 A.M. MST Monday: 58 dead and counting. Vegas hospitals maxed with the merely wounded. A new record: The old one was 49 at the Orlando nightclub. So America surpasses itself. Again. The killer operating from a high aerie, the 32nd floor of a hotel. His room, resplendent with fire arms, a testament to his constitutional rights.

Family members didn’t see it coming. They never do. Trump flying to Las Vegas in a bid to not help. Who to blame? Latino immigrants? Muslim terrorists? But the shooter is a white man, as American as you and me. Nothing will be done. All we can do we an do is wait for the next massacre. As they say in sports, records are made to be broken.

David Chamberlain

Denver (formerly of Aspen)

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