Add another 15 minutes to free parking |

Add another 15 minutes to free parking

First, I’d like to express my love for and recommend everyone — locals and visitors — to the Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus on Main Street in Aspen. It’s my go-to place to shop for gifts, including items from a lot of local artists and other amazing stuff.

Second, I want to express my appreciation to the city of Aspen for the 15 minutes of free parking that is offered once a day. I find myself using it more often than I expected with quick trips into the Emporium, thrift shop and City Market when I’m driving through town. I hardly ever make it from my car, into a shop and back to the car in 15 minutes however, and luckily haven’t been the recipient of a parking ticket yet. So with this I’d like to request the time limit for free parking be extended to 30 minutes. I’m a local and want to shop local and this is a great way to encourage it.

Kate Spencer


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