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A thought on Veterans Day

Veterans Day,

“To all who have endured the insanity of war,

the rage of combat, burdened by wounds, physical and mental,

heroes whose sacrifice enabled freedom to continue her quest.

Soldiers, the war for freedom did not end when you let loose your gun.

It rages today, as it has always raged.

History teaches, seldom without exception,

that a societies government is its mortal enemy.

We veterans need more fully realize that our government hoards

every phone call, every email, our location,

who we communicate with, our sex life, our finances and our god.

We did not risk our lives so those in power

can monitor every facet of our being.

Allow any government to possess such knowledge and it is game over.

If the 4th Amendment be not enforced,

our sacrifice was in vain.”

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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