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A disturbing proposal in Basalt

The following letter was sent to Basalt’s town council, mayor and zoning department.

Jim DeFrancia of Lowe Enterprise’s development proposal for the gentrification of Basalt is disturbing.

His firm has offered to pay for the removal of the trailers and families from the Pan and Fork. This proposal to replace a Hispanic group in exchange for a hotel and high-end condos, for the upper and middle class to live, is appalling.

These developers have no sensitivity to our town or moral values.

We do not need this massive development for our town to survive. It is vibrant right now!

I ask that all of you not let our town become a product of Jim DeFrancia and his investors’ greed.

Examine your conscience when making any decisions on this development proposal and ask yourself if this is a morally just project to approve.

Thank you for your consideration.

Patrice K. Becker


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