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A call for Congress to impeach Trump

We don’t need Donald Trump to fight global warming. He is such a dunce and has no confidence in science, except as he perceives it. It’s gratifying to hear that many states and cities have said they will abide by the Paris accord without support from the federal government.

I predicted three months ago that Trump would be impeached. His attempted interference with FBI Former Director James Comey is a violation of his oath of office. Trump doesn’t want to abide by the Constitution; he wants to manipulate it.

My credentials for criticizing Trump over and over again are because I, like Trump, was a real estate developer for over 40 years. I developed over 5,000 residential units, two country clubs and three shopping centers. His psyche is severely damaged by his years as a real estate developer. While I survived that, not all developers do. I’ll bet that Trump’s balance sheet will show he is insolvent. But, of course, he will never make that public; he doesn’t even make his tax returns public.

His tax proposal is to help the middle class, his political base; however, if you read carefully what he is saying, he wants to enrich corporations and their executives by reducing their tax 20 percent. No reductions for the middle-class or poor. His smoking gun in the tax proposal is the elimination of the minimum tax. This is a tax that most wealthy people have their taxes adjusted because they have too many non-cash deductions. So here we have developer Trump enriching the rich, including himself.

The Republican Congress would do themselves a big favor to impeach Trump, as he is destined to create more and more problems for his own party. Vice President Pence would be a much better leader to carry out the Republican agenda.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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