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A call for Aspen to ban plastic straws

Did you ever feel guilty for using a straw? Well, here’s a one-way ticket to guilty-FREE-topia. All we need to do for this one-way ticket is ban all plastic straws from Aspen.

Did you know that straws take 1,000 years to break down? Now you can get straws made out of paper, corn, or bamboo. Paper, corn and bamboo straws are a better choice because they can melt in one to two days.

Did you know that over one billion sea animals have died from plastic straws? Overall straws are doing too much damage and we don’t need them.

Plastic straws are made out of oil that is bad for our environment. Did you know that over five million straws are littered a day? Plastic straws are polluting fish that we eat then people consume those toxins in the fish. Plastic straws are toxic and are destroying our planet.

Animals get straws lodged into them and that’s just awful. Straws are not biodegradable and killing our ocean life. We need to ban them from Aspen just like we banned plastic bags.

If you stop having plastic straws in Aspen’s hotels and restaurants, then you are saving money and our environment!

Autumn and Dominic

Third-graders, Aspen Elementary

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