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Letters to the Editor

The letter below refers to a 1957 editorial published in “25-50-100 Years Ago” in the Aspen Times Weekly, Sept. 8, 2007. Dear Editor,Old-time miner Bill Herron came to me with this idea to use my money, which I didn’t have.”Ken, let’s buy the Glory Hole lot from the city, fill it up with the wine waster across Ute Avenue and sell it.”Not a bad idea, but, without money to invest, I never put a pencil to the feasibility of his idea,Later, I considered buying the Glory Hole, sealing it and filling it with water flowing from the Durant Mine. Then I would import Chinese junks, float then on the pond for use as tourist beds.One crazy idea leads to another.Keep up the well-chosen historical gems. I love them.Cheers, Ken MooreSanta Barbara, Calif.Dear Editor,Some memories of the Crystal Palace building [see “Yore Aspen,” page 19, Aspen Times Weekly, Sept. 23, 2007].I helped Clarabell Gagne out in her dry-cleaning plant in the Crystal Palace building. Can’t remember the date, probably in the late 1950s. She put Jerry on the bus to Adams, Mass., due to his problem with drink. I took his place on the spotting board.She offered me the dry-cleaning business and the building for $20,000, but I had enough of dry cleaning and business hours. Skiing was a lot more fun, so I told Clarabell to sell the business to Don Randall, who owned the laundry across the alley. He bought it, and his manager, Hod Nicholson, figured out how to run it. Then Mead [Metcalf] got it and did a very good job with his cabaret operation and upstairs office suites. I met Mead in 1957 when he was restoring Dorothy Shaw’s Mother Lode [building], and I trucked his trash to the dump.Thanks for sharing some Willoughby history. Fred [Willoughby] taught me how to lay a tile sewer line when I was building the Tipple in 1955, and Frank [Willoughby] did survey work for me.Keep up the good work,Ken MooreSanta Barbara, Calif.


Don Rogers: Yes, I know, you want answers


What am I going to do? I’m going to learn a lot about you, us, myself. I’m going to learn about our grit, our character, our very souls as only such tests can reach.

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