Letter: Your vote will boost Aspen schools

Please cast your vote for ballot question 2A (if you live in the town of Snowmass Village) and for 2D (if you live in Aspen).

Our family has always believed there is no more important community asset than a quality educational experience. The Aspen/Snowmass community has always shared this philosophy as well, and has historically provided the community and financial support required to ensure an exceptional academic and experiential education for our children. Unfortunately, since the community voted for the initial sales tax increase in 2013, state funding has only declined further and there is little prospect for improvement. That leaves us to solve our own financial challenges and control our own destiny. Working to renew the tax initiative and voting for 2A and 2D is one of a number of important steps the community, the school district and the Aspen Education Foundation are taking to meet those challenges and ensure our children continue t!

o receive a high quality education. Please join us in casting your ballot affirmatively.

Josh and Beth Mondry