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Letter: Writer has my vote

I have seen many letters supporting various candidates, ballot issues and amendments. Many times they are informative and interesting to read. There are, however, a few who feel the need to state how long a certain candidate has lived in the valley as a show of proof to how qualified they are for that position.

This may come as a shock to many longtime locals, but living in Aspen for a long time does not make your opinion or ideas any more valid than someone who has only recently moved here. Each and every person here in Aspen and Pitkin County has great and wonderful ideas that can help this amazing community. Young, old, natives and transplants all chose to make this their home and all want to see this place be the best it can be. So to write off a candidate simply because they were not born here is foolish and shortsighted. We can be better than that, Aspen.

That is why I am supporting Scott Writer for county commissioner in this election. While he was not born here, he has shown that he has a deep love for the people and valley, and he strives to talk to and understand all points of view. Not just the vocal minority. He values all opinions and is never closed to an idea or view. Aspen, while we may not have a tremendous impact on the national circus, we can steer our own ship! Have a great week, and go Broncos!

Aidan Wynn


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