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Letter: Why Trump won

I have noticed one thing in this election that nobody has yet talked about, because nobody in the media or political centers thought about it: Donald Trump didn’t run a political campaign. He couldn’t, because he isn’t/wasn’t a politician.

That was their problem. The models that everyone had only compare apples to apples or should I say, politicians to politicians. If you have a commoner going against a political elites or several political machines, the dynamics change, the rules of the game change. Models and prediction algorithms can’t calculate what it can’t comprehend. Trump knew this from Day 1. He used this knowledge to leverage his position past his Republican opponents and then against the media and the democratic machine. Everything that the Democrats would normally throw at a Republican candidate was tried and each one failed. It wasn’t because Trump was Teflon, it’s because the rules of the game had changed and they never caught on.

The people who ended up supporting Trump got the message loud and clear. They could see the deception of the Democratic party, and the establishment Republicans and virtually all of the media (Fox News included). If you can no longer trust the news source, you have to go to the actual source. In this case it was Trump and his campaign.

Trump won because his opponents underestimated him and paid for their mistakes!

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek

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