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Letter: Who is time capsule heroine?

Who is time capsule heroine?

You might not know who the unsung heroine is in the saga of the time capsule. The capsule was buried out by the Aspen Music Tent, as part of the l983 International Design Conference, and was subsequently “lost.”

Our un-named heroine was present at the burial, and she taped the event for Grassroots TV. Thirty years later, at an Historical Society panel discussion, as speculation flew back and forth that the capsule “could be anywhere,” our heroine stood up and announced that she had searched and searched, and finally found the map and its coordinates at — of all places — the Getty Center in L.A.

My question is: Why wasn’t our own Nancy Drew, girl detective, mentioned in any of the recent media? Why was it implied that others had found the capsule?

Our persistent history sleuth was — ta da! — Barbara Shaw. Barbara, by the way, is also a volunteer for, and instrumental in, producing our free “Shakespeare in the Park.”

Thanks, Barbara Shaw, for all you’ve done for us. See you in People Magazine.

Karen Day

Co-publisher, Aspen Free Press (still “Aspen’s worst newspaper”)

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