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Letter: We all benefit from Aspen schools

As Snowmass Village residents and grandparents who no longer have children in the Aspen School District, in this highly contested election season where much is being asked of us, we support ballot initiatives 2A and 2D.

Pitkin County is one of the most desirable places in America in which to live. In spite of our shining scores concerning lifestyle and recreation, there is a great disparity in our educational funding scores. This ranking centers largely on funding for teachers’ salaries, equipment and programs.

Since families live within their respective school districts, much of school funding traditionally comes from property taxes. Students from Snowmass Village fill school buses heading to Aspen each day, yet our property taxes contain only a token levy for our schools. We know the global importance of quality education for our current and future students. Ballot issue 2A requests that Snowmass Village homeowners contribute their fair share for this cause.

This one is a no-brainer. Even without kids in Aspen schools, we ask you to join us voting for ballot issue 2A.

Wolf and Nancy Gensch

Snowmass Village

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