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Letter: Voting tips for Eagle County residents

In a few short weeks, on Oct. 17, ballots will be mailed to all registered Eagle County voters. This is the first time that Colorado, and Eagle County, will be holding an all-mail-ballot presidential election. More than 28,700 two-page ballot packets will be mailed for this year’s election. The law doesn’t allow your postmaster to forward your ballot even if you’ve submitted a forwarding order, so please contact us if you’ll be out of town and we will help you make alternative arrangements.

I know that some of you will lament the loss of the community polling places used in the past, but the reality is that more than 75 percent of you were not voting in person at polling places as of 2013. While mail-in elections are less personable, they are significantly less costly to administer than polling-place elections, and they are just as secure. If you prefer to come into one of our offices to vote in person, you may still do so, and while you may not see as many of your neighbors, you’ll get terrific service and a smile from my election team! If you need to pick up your ballot earlier than Oct. 17, you can do so at any of our offices in Eagle, Avon or El Jebel. We already have ballot boxes installed, secured and sealed in each location and we are offering the full slate of voter services. Presidential elections tend to generate so much interest!

The election team and I have been working long hours lately (loving it, too) to create the election database, carefully and precisely format our 42 ballot styles, spell all of the candidate’s names correctly (including 23 pair of presidential electors), and methodically lay out 45 candidate races, judicial retentions, issues and questions. We’ve tested electronic and disabled-access voting machines and the ballot scanners and held several iterations of mock elections to make sure all of our processes, practices, forms and knowledge are solid. We’re holding election security and contingency training sessions to prepare for any surprises, and we’ll be training dozens of election judges in the next few weeks to help with voter services, signature verification and ballot-counting room functions.

Hundreds of new and updated voter registrations are arriving weekly from online submissions (www.govotecolorado.com), voter-registration drives, high school registrars and driver’s license offices. An ad in the paper or a scheduled National Voter Registration Day can prompt a significant spike in registration activity. At this point in time there are 12,072 unaffiliated, 8,633 Democratic, 7,590 Republican and 491 minor party affiliated residents in the county, and these numbers are changing daily.

We’re in full election mode here at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, and we are ready and excited to keep ramping up all the way through Election Day on Nov. 8.

As usual, we will do everything possible to get Eagle County Election results out as close to 7 p.m. on Nov. 8 as possible. Follow us on Twitter @ECClerk and also watch the county website, http://www.eaglecounty.us.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about elections, voter registration or any other Clerk and Recorder services, contact Teak Simonton at teak.simonton@eaglecounty.us or 970-328-8728.

Teak Simonton