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Letter: Vote “no” on Eagle County 1A

If you live in the mid valley part of Eagle County, hopefully you are aware of what will happen if 1A passes. Eagle County has proposed 4,500 units of “affordable housing,” 20 percent of that slated for our side of the county.

That would be 900 units being put where? This does not include the developments on hold, i.e. the tree farm, the fields, the Crawfords, Forest Service land at Crown Mountain, the two projects by Basalt High School, and two or three others I can’t remember right now. This could mean at least 2,000 new units in the mid-valley area, and Willits has not been built out yet.

I would like to know what “affordable” means when it is in this valley. I also would like to know, as a taxpayer, why I should be paying for other people to live here. I and many others have a hard enough time taking care of ourselves. I believe the service industry and other businesses should be picking up the bill. If that means their prices go up, so be it. At least I have the option to choose where I want to buy things or eat.

We all know in the future our property taxes will go up to pay for the already inept infrastructure i.e. roads that can’t deal with the gridlock now, water, sewer, electricity, fire and police. There is a reason that Aspen wants to dam up Maroon and Castle creeks for future water use. I also ask why people who don’t live in midvalley and are not part of Eagle County are encouraging us to vote “yes” on 1A. What agenda do they have

For those of us who live in mid valley, we have to think of why we moved here. If quality of life means something to all of us and not wanting to live in a mini Denver or L.A., then we should stand up against greedy developers and people who want to push their own agendas. There is only so much land and natural resources available. One should be able to recognize that midvalley is already being stretched beyond its limits.

The catch phrase “affordable housing” is used to silence voters who would otherwise vote against mass development. If you love the midvalley and your quality of life, vote “no” on Prop 1A.

Kathy Nilsen


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