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Letter: Vote for Aspen schools

I encourage everyone to vote this election season, and I specifically encourage the residents of Aspen to vote “yes” for 2D and the residents of Snowmass Village to vote “yes” for 2A.

Did you know that 2D will renew the sales tax that brings approximately $1.9 million per year to the school district? Did you know that 2A will bring approximately $500,000 in new funding per year to the school district for the next five years? If 2A and 2D do not pass, the school district will face a funding shortfall of between $2.3 million and $2.9 million each year. Because over 80 percent of the district’s budget is comprised of salaries and benefits, this shortfall directly impacts our teachers and staff.

A vote for our schools means we can continue to fund the exceptional teachers, enrichment programs, and schools in our district for years to come.

Alexis Diaz

Snowmass Village