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Letter: Vote against park, keep Basalt economically sound

I am writing in opposition to the ballot issues hastily pulled together in Basalt known as 2F, 2G and apparently 2H, which was so last-minute its description and pros and cons did not make it to the town of Basalt ballot explanation nor the Eagle County ballot question explanations.

The best example I have heard on this issue is someone who wants to build a pool in their backyard when they can’t afford their current mortgage. How more dangerous can you get? To imply taxes won’t go up is false, as 2017 will see home values reassessed by estimates of 25 to 30 percent. When the town realizes they need more income to run the town, the mill levy could increase further.

I voted in favor of the first $5 million bond, as a majority of our community did, and all we have is dirt and seven more years of paying on that one. We all want a nice park, but burdening the town of Basalt with more taxes and debt is beyond irresponsible on the part of the current council.

I am hearing that the town only has two months of reserves in the bank and is looking for more than $1 million in budget cuts, meaning critical needs will not be filled. Everyone assumed with all the new businesses in Willits that Basalt was running fat and happy but that is not our reality. I encourage all Basalt residents to attend the Basalt budget work session, now rescheduled for after the election Nov. 9, to get a true reality check of our current financial situation. Vote “no” on 2F, 2G and 2H to keep Basalt financially strong for our collective future!

Carol Hawk


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