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Letter: Vote against Open Space and Trails

Open Space and Trails has more money than the Pitkin County general fund. The general fund is $6,738,295. The Open Space and Trails fund is $11,390,145. The total Pitkin County property tax revenue is $21,412,907.

Over 52 percent of the county venue goes to Open Space and Trails. Yet, it is asking taxpayers to fund over $650 million for the next 20 years.

First, Open Space and Trails started out asking taxpayers to fund for 5 years, then it was renewed for 10 years, now they are asking for another 20 years. We’re not even getting what we thought.

Open Space and Trails has a proven record of changing historic pristine areas into recreational parks. For those who remember, just look at the once remote area at the North Star Nature Preserve. It is now a public park with bikers, joggers, rafters, hang gliders and yes beer partiers dumping all sorts of trash into our rivers. Look at the lack of wild life once seen here and on the Droste property, now Sky Mountain, as it was once a migration route for the elk and deer. No longer. Look at what has become of the Glassier property, the Crown.

Vote “no” for reauthorization of Open Space and Trails.

It does not protect our wildlife in open spaces and is far too long a tax assessment to support for another 20 years.

Junee Kirk