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Letter: Two pet peeves

I have had the great pleasure and privilege of living and working in this glorious valley for the past six months. I’ve been overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness of strangers that is so very particular to this area.

The pride in which the locals take in their surroundings is just gorgeous, and contradictory to the behavior in which I’ve been motivated to write this letter about.

It’s only two small gripes, but they bug me enormously.

1. I take the L bus upvalley in the morning and cannot stand the way my fellow passengers put their bags on the seat next to them in order to prevent anyone from sitting next to them. At that time in the morning it’s pitch dark and my stop means I’m one of the last ones to be picked up. Walking down the aisle trying to find a spare seat that isn’t taken up by someone’s bag is a lottery (or, equally annoying is having to ask someone to get up as they’ve seated themselves by the aisle and left the window seat empty, again, I assume, to prevent anyone sitting next to them). Is it so bad to have a fellow passenger sitting next to you for 20 minutes? So much so that you’ll engage in extreme and awkward anti-social behavior to prevent it from ever happening?

2. I regularly hike the Albarney Kittle and am stunned every time I see the sight of a plastic bag of dog poo discarded on this beautiful trail. Why go to the lengths of picking up the poo, placing it in a bag, tying it up securely and then tossing it? Astounding! By all means, don’t bother clearing up after your dog at all, and the mess will soon be naturally dispersed. Adding non-compostible plastic to the recipe and you’ve left your mark much more than your dog ever did. I honestly don’t get it — and am stunned by the frequency in which this happens. Whether you clean up after your dog is up to you. But cleaning up after yourselves is mandatory people.

Glad I’ve got that out of my system! Oh, and I’d like to thank Aspen and all of its people and pleasures for giving me such an amazing stay here.

Sabine Kaloutian