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Letter: Trying to make sense of Aspen Kitchen

I am trying to understand. When Aspen Kitchen arrived in town we were introduced to Stephen Goglia as the CEO and head owner, and now we are reading a letter from Stephen Goglia, the CEO and head owner (“Aspen Kitchen owners respond to criticism,” Dec. 22, Commentary, The Aspen Times).

The original staff was trained that they were now working for a company that also owned Fabrik, David Burke Prime, Hanwich, Spyglass and The Angry Taco. Now we get to read a well-phrased corporate letter from the owners of all of those same restaurants. If Rocky Aspen, LLC and the Craveable Group are two different entities, how does this work out? Who are the specific and legal owners of each LLC and, if you don’t mind, that question will need to be answered by someone more trustworthy than the members of either of these two companies. If the Craveable Group lent $600,000-plus to Rocky Aspen, why was none of that money used to pay the hardworking, honest, local contractors? If many of the contractors realized a large portion of the funds, why did the owner of Lassiter Electric state last week that you stiffed him for $113k? Why are 12 other people around town saying you didn’t pay them? The fact of the matter is you hurt people while hiding behind a corporate mask. Some call it business, some call it evil. I know what we call it.

Steve Gaasche


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