Letter: Trump and the ‘fix’

There is a “fix” in this election, and it is Mr. Trump’s refusal to fix his bad mouth and behavior. How is it even remotely possible for Trump to “Make America Great Again” by constantly demeaning other people as “fat, ugly, stupid, sweaty, clueless, crazy, crooked, rapists, Pocahontas and the devil” and by mocking the handicapped or threatening to put his opponent in jail?

How is it possible to find solutions to problems when Trump never seems to study any issue carefully, and tries to bluff his way through life with made-up facts and conspiracy theories?

America was inspired by hope and lofty ideals — not by anger, fear and division. Yet, all we seem to hear from Mr. Trump is how absolutely horrible everyone — and everything — is. Except, of course, for the self proclaimed “genius” Trump himself! Fortunately, there is a simple way to end to Trump’s rude and divisive behavior. That is for voters to give him a comeuppance at the polls. It’s what an impetuous child deserves!

Patsy Batchelder