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Letter: Transportation options needed to other part of county

I am a low-income, disabled resident of Basalt. It is my hope that this letter will raise awareness about a very serious issue here in the valley.

Due to a visual impairment called Stargardt Disease, I am unable to drive. My property is located in the Eagle County portion of Basalt. Sadly, I’ve been sued by my town and my neighbors. My case is scheduled for trial Dec. 19 through 23.

Currently, there is no public transportation between Basalt and Eagle County District Court. The only idea that I¹ve come up with is a private car service, at a cost of $,4380. That is nearly six times the amount of my

fixed monthly income. While I’m trying to compel my title insurance company to pay this exorbitant amount, that outcome seems unlikely.

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority has advised me that the Bustang from Glenwood Springs does provide service to Eagle, but the schedule is such that I’d be required to leave my house at 5:40 a.m. and would not return home from court until 11:15 p.m. This option is untenable and I’ll assume that you all agree.

Has this matter ever been addressed by Eagle County or the Roaring Fork Valley community? It¹s very disheartening to learn that low-income and/or disabled residents in my area do not have the same access to our judicial

system as is enjoyed by everyone else.

If anyone has an idea, your guidance would be greatly appreciated. God willing, I will come up with a solution so that I may defend my property during the week of Christmas. Independent of my situation, I feel very strongly that our community must find a long-term solution, so that others will not be faced with this stressful dilemma in the future. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays.

Heather L. Kent


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