Zoning proposal favors Aspen developers

Is it me or is it just strange that the same company is behind two “different” efforts to build large, multi-unit complexes on smaller lots in Aspen? One is the proposed and now infamous 1020 E. Cooper Ave project that’s on a 4,380-square-foot lot with its historic cabin (that was going to be totally overshadowed by a three-level employee housing project in back).

It’s notable because the Historic Preservation Commission said said “no thanks!” to the proposed project for many of the same reasons the neighbors had concerns. Thank goodness!

Re-enter BendonAdams’ client, the 1020 Developer and their “Big Guns” attorney, who obviously had no respect for the decision or those making it, now are fighting to have the decision overturned. And now, BendonAdams, representing another client, is also applying for a total code change for small lots in Aspen (which have always been restricted to single family/duplex) to allow developers to build apartments/multi-housing projects and smash as many people in as they can, regardless of the parking problems Aspen already has!

Coincidence? Maybe, but we need to think about what Aspen will soon start looking like with huge complexes bulging out of little neighborhood lots. Not pretty and not like Aspen. And who really stands to gain the most from these efforts? My guess it’ll be the developers and certainly not our neighborhoods nor the people stuck in these tiny units that are being shoehorned onto these tiny lots.

Kristi Ann Gilliam