You’ve got it good, Aspen |

You’ve got it good, Aspen

After reading both Jacqueline’s and Todd’s letters, I agree with both of their views (“Skiing through the pandemic perspective” and “Don’t rush to condemn Aspen Skiing Co.,” Aug. 4,

It is a privilege to ski and yes during these times one must give up something for the common good. It is obvious that selfishness and greed are not working long term.

Aspen is very fortunate to have an ownership group, the Crown family, and the leadership group of the Aspen Skiing Co., who from my distant perspective, have done an amazing job trying to keep the boat afloat. The pandemic has certainly challenged their decision-making and what complicates decisions are the selfish undisciplined individuals and businesses who aren’t adhering to COVID-19 protocol re masks, social distancing, etc.

Having the Skico privately owned by a family who have strong ties to the Aspen community, one would think that they cared for the community. One must also respect the fact that the Skico managers are also locals; they live in the community!

Try to imagine what it would be like to have a large corporation or a money fund as an owner; back to Jacqueline’s reference to the Aetna years, life might be quite different in Aspen during this difficult time.

Feel fortunate to be where you are, keep healthy, keep safe and ski freely like Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

Gordie Lake

Whistler, British Columbia

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