YouthZone relies on funding to continue services

As the executive director of YouthZone, I am asking the community of Pitkin County to extend its line of financial support granted to the Healthy Community Fund. By renewing Ballot Initiative 1A on Nov. 6, this community will continue its long-term commitment to the health and well-being of its residents through this unique funding source. I urge you to stand behind your neighbors by renewing this commitment.

YouthZone is one of many local nonprofits that relies on revenue from this fund to continue operations. With a focus on the prevention of youth delinquency, through emotional support and guidance, YouthZone puts our kids first. These services may seem basic to some, but for those who are struggling with emotional and physical trauma, substance abuse or addiction, YouthZone’s services are truly a life line to our most vulnerable community members: our youth.

YouthZone is a part of a network of agencies that creates a safet net of support for the most vulnerable and those who just need a little bit of extra support getting through a rough time. These services truly change people’s lives for the best.

Stay committed to making this a healthy, safe and resilient community. Vote “yes” on Ballot Initiative 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund.

Lori Mueller

Executive director, YouthZone